Soaps on soaps on soaps: no drama here just fun people making soaps

Yeast Culture Club gathered on a cool fall day to make soaps using only the most precious of waxes, bee’s wax.  To indicate how precious bee’s wax is: it  takes 29.2 pounds of nectar to produce that 8 pounds of honey to make that 1 pound of wax. So if you are a beekeeper you really gotta mind your beeswax (ahem). Now that you have regained composure, you should know that the University of Maryland’s Beekeeping club did not mind kindly allotting us some of their precious product to use for this project. So we only had to purchase the rest of the ingredients which are somewhat readily viewable in the following images:

We mixed all of these ingredients together each in their own due time until we created this here vanilla pudding looking mixture:

20171115_194501.jpg     20171115_194508

Be warned!: This is the last vanilla pudding you will ever ingest if you do.

This has lye all over, within, and between it. And that’s not a lie. Lye is an extremely caustic chemical that will burn your skin upon contact. So imagine what it will do to your insides

And then it was time to pour!


Here is Angela, our President at the time, poised to pour the dangerous mixture with all the grace and poise of a  future princess.

We poured and leveled out the mixture in our high tech next generation not yet patented molds and a really pretty bee-esque mold to be featured below. And then we let the soap sit for a couple of weeks to allow the lye to cure in that yellow box on the fridge in the top left corner.

And the finished product is below this paragraph. We took the cured soap and cut it into bite size pieces and convinced each other not to eat them despite how yummy they smelled . We packaged some of the soaps n the most pinteresting ways. We had a winter holiday theme going because we had just made wreaths.

Ta Daaaaa! These pretty pretty aromatic handmade soaps are ready to lather  your skin and soothe your olfactory senses. o

Leave a comment if you are interested in acquiring them or learning more about how we made the soaps.

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