Rhubarb Pale Ale

As requested, the following is my rhubarb pale ale recipe.  This post has the extract conversion.  The all-grain recipe uses 100% American 2-row, plus 8 oz. white wheat, and the crystal malts.  The mash is 60 minutes at 150F.

Extract recipe (5 gal):

Steep for 30 minutes @ 150F:
8 oz. crystal 60
8 oz. carapils

1 can liquid pale malt extract (~3.3 lb.)
1.5 lb. dry wheat extract

Target O.G.: 1.050

0.5 oz Warrior – 30 minutes
0.75 oz Cascade – 15 minutes
0.75 oz Cascade – 5 minutes
0.5 oz Citra – dry hop 7 days

1 vial of White Labs California Ale Yeast (WLP001)
or make a yeast starter 🙂

Add 1.5 lb. of rhubarb to the secondary fermentor following the dry-hopping.  Make sure its sanitized with whatever method you prefer.  Leave for a few days, then bottle.