Cup o’ Joe: Founders Breakfast Stout Clone


This brew was one of our favorites! We thought it would be great with savory waffles, but we drank it all before we got a chance to test our hypothesis.

Modified from this recipe.

Brew Method: Extract
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 5 gallons

Original Gravity: 1.092
Final Gravity: 1.020
ABV: 9.45%

1 lb – Flaked oats
1 lb – Chocolate malt
12 oz – Roast barley malt
9 oz – Dibittered black malt
7 oz – Crystal malt (120)

6.6 lb – Liquid Malt Extract – Breiss light, unhopped
1.7 lb – Dry Malt Extract – Light

1 oz – Nugget Pellets
1 oz – Willamette Pellets

4 oz – Sumatran coffee
2.5 oz – semi-sweet chocolate chips
1.5 oz – unsweetened baking chocolate, chopped
1/2 tsp – Irish Moss

White Labs – American Ale #WLP001



1. Steep grains @ 155-160 for 30 minutes in 3 gallons of water
2. Remove grains and rinse with hot water
3. Add LME and DME and bring to a boil. Set timer for 60 min
4. At start of boil, add 1 oz nugget hops and start timer for 60 min
5. With 30 min left on the boil, add 0.5 oz willamette hops
6. At 15 min, add irish moss and wort chiller
7. At 0 min (flameout), add 0.5 oz willamette hops, 2 oz coffee, and all chocolate
8. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature
9. Transfer wort to primary fermenter and top up with water to 5 gallons.
10. Add yeast and swirl to incorporate and aerate
11. Ferment in primary for 7-14 days
12. Rack to secondary fermenter and add 2 oz coffee
13. After 7-14 days, prime and bottle
14. Bottle condition 2-3 weeks and enjoy!


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